Getting a loan to finance your house is about much more than just finding the lowest interest rate. Having the right structure and strategy is critical.

For many years, the home loan market has focused only on pricing, but the hidden truth is this: you’ll save more money by getting the right advice and the best finance structure than you ever will with a low interest rate on its own.

We’re more than just mortgage brokers

At Johnston Grocke, we’re mortgage specialists. This means that unlike a traditional mortgage broker who just sets up the loan, our Adelaide mortgage advisors are experts in the mortgage industry and are passionate about finding the best solution for your needs, financial situation and circumstances.

Our team is here to help negotiate the maze of options available and to make absolutely sure you’re fully informed before making any decisions.

We have decades of years of professional expertise in not just loan structuring, but a whole lot more. You’ll get advice on the best strategy and structure, tax minimisation and the cheapest interest rates as well as how best to protect your biggest asset – your home.

We’ll help you with smart debt management, budgeting, advice on good debt and bad debt, financial goal setting and regular financial reviews.

We’ll get the banks competing for your business

Over the years, we’ve built excellent relationships with a diverse panel of lenders so we can get access to hundreds of loan options. Our home loan financial advisors will talk you through what’s most suitable, then negotiate and organise the loan on your behalf.

Our goal is to guide you through the process and continue the relationship way beyond the completion of the property purchase. Our team of home loan financial advisors are passionate about helping you not only buy a great property, but making sure you successfully meet all your financial goals as well.

We specialise in self-employed mortgages and loans

Self-employed, a tradie, a contractor or small business owner? While other mortgage specialists might turn you away, our team are experts in helping self-employed people and tradies get home loans and investment loans.

We even have a lender who will approve home loans with only one year’s financials and tax returns.

We’re passionate about providing well-rounded financial advice

At Johnston Grocke, sharing professional financial advisor knowledge with the accountants and financial planners within our team is what makes our business unique – and complete for our clients.

We all understand the pressures that mortgages and finance can create, so we’re committed to helping our clients walk through the home purchase and finance maze with confidence.

Looking to secure the right loan for your new home?

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At Johnston Grocke, we’ve been providing Australians with personalised financial, business, property and accounting strategies for over 20 years.

We know that life (and especially money) can get complicated, so you can count on us to bring consistency, certainty and confidence to your finances, so you have more time to enjoy the good stuff in life.

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