Whether you’re a first-time investor or building a property portfolio, it’s important to choose the right people to help you.

At Johnston Grocke, we passionately believe the key to making money from property investment comes down to the advice you receive early on.

Property is a ‘lumpy’ investment, which means that once it’s set up, it’s very hard to change. The way that you structure your portfolio can have huge implications with tax, asset protection and capital gains in the future – and it all starts with getting the right finance advice up front.

We’ll help identify the best property investment options for your needs

Our experienced Adelaide property investment advisors will work closely with you to drill down your goals, how long you plan to invest and what returns you want. We use this information to not only source investment properties that match your requirements, but to organise the correct structure for your property investment.

That could be finance, ownership with trusts, or something else – but we’ll make sure we find you the best option to reduce asset risk and land tax.

Our aim is to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with property investing, and to ensure you have the very best chance of reaching your financial goals.

Looking for expert tips for smart property investment?

Navigating the investment world can be an overwhelming experience, so our property experts have shared some valuable tips, including advice for planning, research and the important of patience.

How we can help you

Our property investment team aren’t just experts on property. We also have financial planners and accountants on hand to advise on all aspects of property investment, which means you get access to a full suite of expertise. We will:

  • Discuss your individual requirements and identify which mortgage is right for you
  • Discuss and identify tax-effective investment strategies
  • Show you how one year of tax deductions can be brought forward to be claimed weekly to improve cash flow
  • Provide a detailed cost and cash flow analysis of the property, including tax implications and out-of-pocket expenses after tax deduction
  • Arrange a home loan for the investment property from application to settlement
  • Arrange a conveyancer and building inspections
  • Offer the use of a property investment specialist to find a property that will achieve high returns
  • Organise building and contents insurance so your assets are protected
  • Organise depreciation schedules for the investment properties
  • Advise on property portfolio management
  • Offer financial planning and accounting services
  • Implement debt reduction strategies and ‘Smart Debt Management’
  • Review your portfolio to make sure it’s working hard for you.

Investing in proprty is much more than picking a good property in a nice area, finding the lowest rate and then hoping for the best.

Arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Adelaide property investment advisors today.

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